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CREReport goes interactive.

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We are passionate about building the resources that connect companies and associations with their audiences.

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CREReport goes interactive.

Tour the news with Pegman.

CREReport goes interactive. needed a new website. We thought readers would also like having a map with highlighted news. Not going to lie, we didn't really plan on how Google Street View would make the experience even better.

We wanted to provide a better experience for readers. For starters, we needed to throw out the old website. It was showing its age and wasn’t compatible with newer devices.

We knew we wanted to put more context on the stories we include in the report. Since it focuses on real estate, it was pretty obvious that we needed to include maps. 

My job was to build the system and play “data architect” for mountains of information. Truth of the matter, I became so focused on development that I didn’t see the big picture.

It wasn't until I got out of beta testing that it hit me! Mapping the news didn't just give readers a clear view of where the news was taking place but also the chance to tour it.

Click on a marker, get a summary of the news. But drag Pegman to the spot and you get a first-hand view of the location. I know, I know, we’ve all used street view before. But now you’re able to get right in front of the location without extra steps or work.

I have to admit, I got excited seeing it all take form. This is the information I already was so very familiar with since I researched it. The map contextualized it. And street view suddenly made it real.

So we are excited to see if there’s a group that wants something like this, too. We see it working for any business that provides location-based information. If you’re one of them, please call or email. We would love to meet you.

Check it out at


Todd Stewart

Todd Stewart

Todd! Stewart is Zemmez' research and development executive. From past lead roles as Production Manager to Marketing Director, Todd!'s work connects media concepts with sustainable operations. Creative, resourceful and visionary, Todd! delivers publishing solutions for companies who require information and data to be re-purposed and published quickly and fluidly. Todd's work is recognized by the leading email service,, as achieving a Top 10% audience-response rate with its 500,000 clients.

In conjuction with developing digital publishing solutions, Todd! produces methods that deliver excellent results in search engine optimization (SEO) and audience response. His attention to analytics and human interaction deliver top results in both search performance and visitor retention.

Most recently, Todd!'s work with IVSA ( elevated the association's Page Rank, increased site traffic, and successfully converted more visitors to paid members in two months than the organization has seen in the past three years.

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