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What Devices Are People Using To Read Our Email Campaigns

Written by Todd! Stewart on Friday, 07 June 2013.
Responsive email campaign template as seen on a Samsung Galaxy smart phone.

We took a look at what devices people are using to read our email campaigns.

The answer surprised us.

(Below) Measurement of the technology people are using to read CREReport - a regional commercial real estate newsletter (sample) we publish and distribute every business day:Statistics reflecting the devices used for reading CREReport|Atlanta. iPhone tops the list at 54%, followed by Outlook 2010 at 34%.Topping the chart, 54% of our recipients read the newsletter on their iPhones.
Outlook is a distant second place at 37%.
Source: MailChimp (June 6, 2013)

(Below) Measurement of the technology people are using to read IVSA's SNAPSHOTS - a monthly newsletter promoting IVSA, its members, and leading news in the field of visual sociology distributed to a diverse, international audience:international-20130606At 37%, iPhones top the chart.
Apple Mail comes in second at 30%.
The first desktop mail client, Outlook 2010, appears in fifth place at 8%.
Source: MailChimp (June 6, 2013)


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