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Consulting? More like sharing.

We listen, dialog, then help you plan how to benefit most from multiple messages in different media channels.

PR, Social Media, and Digital Publishing Consulting Services

We practice a collaborative consulting model. This means we don't arrive at your office or studio intending to speak "at" you, like distant experts. Instead, we come prepared to dialog with you, as co-collaborators. This dialog helps all of us understand your goals and needs better. It also guides our preparation of customized consulting information that augments what you already know, and helps you build on what you already do well.

Zemmez offers collaborative consulting for a variety of topics.

Topics include:

  • crafting social media plans
  • writing copy and press releases for multiple media
  • developing user-friendly and service-friendly websites
  • incorporating pictures and graphics for bigger visual impact
  • improving interaction with your social media audience
  • incorporating video into your publicity material
  • discovering media options that maximize your advertising budget
  • improving work flow with custom data management systems
  • implementing digital publishing into your PR plans
  • balancing traditional media channels with new media channels

To start a dialog with Zemmez, or to learn more about collaborative consulting, please contact us. We'd love to learn about you, and discover ways we can all work together to meet your media goals.